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As we reflect, we are thankful to our suppliers and customers for their support for all these years. It's been a challenging and unprecedented business environment and we thank god for being ahead of us in our journey.

God bless from us All @ FC Connect

The amount and type of building materials on the market can leave you overwhelmed and confused. Wood, vinyl, aluminium, fibre cement... which is the best option for your home or new building? Here are 5 reasons why fibre cement is your ideal choice.

1: High Resistance to Damage

Fibre cement is one of the most durable types of building materials on the market. Not only is it highly resistant to different types of weather (such as extreme heat and rain), fibre cement is also resistant to algae, mould and bacteria growth. It is a low-maintenance option that would save you unnecessary time, money and energy.

2: Fire Safety

Our fibre cement sheets are all certified to MS 1296 (2010) and tested to ISO 8336. What this means is that our products are certified as fire-safe, therefore significantly reducing the risk of fire emergencies. Whether at home or at work - your safety is a priority.

3: Easy Installation

Due to its light weight material, fibre cement sheets are also easy to transport, handle and most importantly, install. This makes the delivery process, all the way up to installation, simple and convenient.

4: Long-lasting

If you are looking for a long-term investment, fibre cement would make a great option. These products have a lifespan of 50 years or more, making them both cost-effective and highly durable for building projects.

5. Easily Accessible

Due to FC Connect's large network throughout Malaysia and ASEAN markets, we are experienced with transporting fibre cement products to customers across different countries and states at competitive prices and delivery times. Give us a call for more information at 03-78311836 or send us an enquiry via We are here to support your building needs!

We wish you and your family a Happy Chinese New Year 2021! May you be prosperous, healthy and successful in the new year. 恭喜发财!

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